Sports & Amino Acids

Supercharge your body with personalized amino acid supplements based on your metabolic profile

The potential of high performance may be hidden because of stress, insufficient nutrients or even intensive training.

Under certain circumstances body uses the amino acids very fast and following symptoms like slowed down muscle growth, irritability, lack of energy and focus can be evident.

But when taken randomly these supplements can be useless and they even might cause metabolic imbalance resulting actually in low levels of important nutrients in blood.

A balanced formula of amino acid mixture tailored for the metabolic needs is much more effective than protein or standard amino acid supplements.

Difference between
Foods, Protein Powder, Free Form Essential Amino Acids

Comparision of Amino Acid Sources

In order to replete amino acid levels, consuming whey or protein meals will load extra 120-250 calories
without correction of amino acid imbalance.

serves maximum efficacy with less calorie and correction ability of imbalance.

Unbalanced amino acids supplementation may harm because their pharmacological action.
Due to lacking of knowledge that amino acids compete with each other during absorption and metabolic processes, amino acids are not being used appropriately almost anywhere in the world
For example frequently used BCAAs blocks Tryptophan and Tyrosine passing into brain, which leads mood disorders. Also long term BCAA usage induced insulin resistance in youngs.
Arginine depletes Lysine, which leads poor immune response to viral infections.

Why Balanced formula of amino acids are needed instead of protein powder or meals?

Alimentary proteins have an amino acid content that is far from the stoichiometric ratios of essential amino acids required by humans,
Tailored supplement proposes an amino acid formulation suitable to match deficiency and unbalanced conditions and to promote protein synthesis as well.
Low or unbalanced levels of amino acids should be treated with balanced formulas of free form EAAs, not with individual amino acids, because they are convenient and do not induce further imbalances.
Amimo acids compete each other during intestinal absorption and during transport into brain through blood –brain barrier.
Formulations of amino acids can be tailored on demand according to metabolic requirements and for balancing food deficiencies. It is not possible to assure balance with protein supplements
The American Journal Of Cardiology_ Vol. 93 (8a) April 22, 2004
Am J Cardiol 2004;93(suppl):6A–12A

Two important points to consider when you want to use protein powder

  1. Your body needs free form amino acids, not protein as a supplement. Whey or casein powders do not consist of free form amino acids. They are just protein rich foods. They don’t require chewing, but they still need digestion with enzymes in the intestines to separate amino acids into free forms.
  2. You need essential amino acids, not nonessential amino acids in order to muscle protein synthesis.


J Nutr Biochem1999 Feb;10(2):89-95.
Nonessential amino acids are not necessary to stimulate net muscle protein synthesis in healthy volunteers.
Tipton KD1Gurkin BEMatin SWolfe RR.
The present study was performed to test the hypothesis that orally administered essential amino acids, in combination with carbohydrate, will stimulate net muscle protein synthesis in resting human muscle in vivo
We conclude that ingestion of a solution composed of carbohydrates to stimulate insulin release and a small amount of essential amino acids to increase amino acid availability for protein synthesis is an effective stimulator of muscle protein anabolism.


FIFA Football Medicine Manual recommends supplements as a part of therapy

  • If a deficiency is diagnosed
  • If aims to correct or prevent deficiency
  • If undertaken by an expert.

Also warn about most of such products may lead to positive doping test.

  • No organization, including WADA, can guarantee the safety of any dietary supplements and all the anti-doping organizations state that “you use supplements at your own risk”

individualized products fully complies with the requirements of the FIFA Football Medicine Manual.

  1. Micronutrient deficiencies are analyzed
  2. A targeted supplementation is provided in order to correct and prevent deficiencies and imbalances
  3. We are expert in customized nutrition
  4. Our products are totally safe for doping test or any harmful effects since compounds are premixed only for player's needs for free form amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

  • corrects the amino acid deficiency through the application of targeted amino acid profiles and supported by all necessary micro-nutrients to optimize performance.
  • is based on the analysis of deficient amino acids in an individual’s blood and the administration of targeted amino acid supplementation while ensuring that all key micronutrients needed for protein assimilation are available.
  • It is obvious that amino acids, vitamins and minerals are integrally inter-related. Besides being the building blocks for all kinds of proteins, amino acids also play a vital role in the proper utilization of vitamins and minerals in the human body.
  • compounds are in a high grade/pharmaceutical, balanced and bio-available format.
  • No digestion is required to release these amino acids, which means they can cross from the gut into the bloodstream within minutes rather than hours.
  • The unique combination of amino acids tailored for you allow you to quickly maintain and even increase your amino acid supply in a biochemically relevant manner, which enables repeated peak performances and quicker recovery from exercise. This allows you to train harder and more efficiently by getting more out of each work out and activity.