Aydın Duygu

Dr. Aydin Duygu MD,MSc

Medical Doctor: Karadeniz Technical University , Medical School
Specialist in Family Medicine : Şişli Etfal Training Hospital İstanbul
Master degree in Biomedical Engineering: Bosphorus University, İstanbul

Author of the book “ Dr.Amino Asit ” on its second edition.
Expected to be published in English

Practicing Predictive Preventive Personalized Medicine in his private 3P Clinic, İstanbul
Co-founder of personalized supplement R&D company BioTailor Ltd in Technoparkistanbul, İstanbul.

Founder of Amino Acid Science Limited R&D company in WhiteCity , Imperial College, London


Developer of , a utility model reporting system of amino acids which provides a smart and comprehensive interpretation for health assessment and nutritional status.