Amino Acid Supplements

What is needed for a balanced amino acid level?

  • Food supplements usage is increasing but despite convincing promises, supplement use is unfortunately not useful if it is not replaced after determination of a deficiency.

Standard Products May Not Help


Everbody is unique and has differrent
Biochemical features
Nurtrition and lifestyle

Since Individual needs are different, the support ones will need is different.

Formulations of amino acids can be tailored on demand according to metabolic requirements and for balancing food deficiencies.

Low or unbalanced levels of amino acids should be treated with balanced formulas of free form EAAs, not with individual amino acids, because they are convenient and do not induce further imbalances. Amimo acids compete each other during intestinal absorption and during transport into brain through blood –brain barrier.

Alimentary proteins have an amino acid content that is far from the stoichiometric ratios of essential amino acids required by humans.

The American Journal Of Cardiology_ Vol. 93 (8a) April 22, 2004
Am J Cardiol 2004;93(suppl):6A–12A

How does Amino Acid Supplement work?

  • Amino acids are the “alphabet” of protein structure, determining many of the properties of proteins.
  • Amino acids are rapidly absorbed and readily available in the blood. In the cell, amino acids maintain protein stores and counteract hormone-mediated catabolic stimuli.
  • Thus, balanced amino acid supplementation may be effective in counteracting the metabolic and morphologic consequences of the hypercatabolic state of >physiological and pathological states.

Am J Cardiol 2004;93(suppl):3A–5A